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tv   Early Today  NBC  February 25, 2016 4:00am-4:30am PST

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lastt,nighs at firsonrespders co uentinrc sea dhingtooor r doo mifor g ssinderesints. e thtycounoc assd iate with ro eberte'. lerrs sur ende back a tot posalapocc ypti ba lettougr,ndut ctingou hs sein half, andur tngni eirnte ne hbighoors od rtoblube. isthas hlr adyeala cedimhe t ve lifs o four os therandpa swned ro yughl fourna tordoes in the so uth. th eas msive etof-3 o rnadthat hi nst pea,acolri flo wdah it ndwitos inppoug att 55 1il m es per ho.ur e ones renidt ssay his ne hbighoorod remesesbl a war nezo whit eetrs, csarnd aeb dsri atscreteevd ywerrehe. ou ths sandeoof pupple ou thrgh w nersje aey wreithout power and thsaous ndliof f hghtsbeave en nc ca oeledlar deduyed te tohe st m.or de a ltenevou bt ghzzpifoa r
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rafte thegh flitha tst wa to ndlan iew nre york ed trouto sesyracu. n ask ew yor sawcityn rai and y heavtrwind senong tougho ow blr ove tthisorractil traer heon trg geoshe waoningtdg brie. an a d hivee clrsbuint ftomelas asds winro bught powerin les ri doght n wn i ingettgov c ierednw snon i in a.dian fairero bke outft aer power line s slinee camn dowil in islino. meand olteort ogis kbills arin ll win join us i ajust few teminur s folathe ftestasorect. an nad doruld tonmp cestinu incontueso t digo int ted cruz's an evcagelisel ba. on e thesendor fment, rontptrum t gofihis corst ssngrel iona ba gckinm froew n 'syorkis chr incollhos, wvi prey ousledback b je.bush
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eth gsut tgeo jot ca foliiarn d'scaunhun erntho w cerelyntad mnee bwsvay ngpit a hea inarsag hidule wosod al bu rmt fooper gin nomitee mt romney wnearatd thuo a qte oc bltekbuss r waheon t w wayhen tr reump edleas t hisetax r.urns ssan ihaue tnkt rathled e ve go irnore n th b2010id. >> r weyeallug oht to seero fm l al three of theseel flowsir the e.ther ini th dk ind onalp'trums se cas it'lylikebe to om a bb l.shel ptrum rndespooed tne romy's pr tiedicon. hy>> w j notgeust emt th out er the? m>>yur retns arere extmely co x.mple i' akll me e thrmdeteioinat n at rithe tight me. m i'o in n trush io dot. >> al he also tabked piout g ckin up votesn whe his oirolsfb dr d oppeout. i >>ld cou t win.exas i t don' tknowi hat bwill ut i co wiuld n. at thhe's ty onle stat ithat'm a lelitt d bitown. i and h laugheat tdi punhots w sa fy i you addp ull a the rest, 's it 53. en whpl peolee ave, iic pk up a t lo of tevos.
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tw deete isth, whened tz cru s,quit il wilet gos m otfis h te vo nrs,o obprlem. a nd wels ao heardm frors m . ptrum in onef o here rar rvinte.iews sh poe ske toa mik binrzez ski tabou grdisag eein dwithd onal p.trum >> l, weli do e agrethall mee ti hwithim? no . n'i dot. an ted i imll ht. tha lli te m himiny op.ions te i imll ht whaini thk. me sos timeishe l, tenstisomemes he 't don. >> as a fticinaoong l ak aty ver pr e ivatntpotefiial larst dy. an med soth of tee laolst p ling ou tt ofrued choz's tame saste h e that sen aor few psointad ahe eandven naneck ckd neit wh um trp. on d theraemocsitic de, hi y llartoclin an isg ddinthe t flinr wateiscrishe to r at pl, formasrelea ing adnew . fe inaturlig fntor may avweer, pa astorlind fesnt rt.iden urbe s te toinune ms to nbc r latey toda:0at 5m.0 p.te easrn
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tt ma thews talksrno beie ersand ps asofart h thealardbl ll cotoege ur. s be tureo stay d.tune > >> t nowno arm alaingnd a ng daseroue sidec effrot fmho tse e- recigatte videces. nb c's joe friar einxplas. >> or rep ater:to cuswamer s lysimppp stofoing acr snt ks aa nt ke guckytaas s wtionthhen e se tycurier campta ca turedhis tlstarmoing .ment >> suddenly the wreas ala fsh in hi s ptocke andhe tasre w . fire ep>> rr:orteh jos hilamnto ersuffeced sdeond- bgree.urns s hethaid are sptte bafoery r e-his recigadette evicedexplod. 's it l thet atesryinjud tieto el onectrapic vroor ps duct from ok hola tmacao foliiarn. do orctats ar hr boewvied malic ercent s inleeatte hav fseenive di enffertit pa ientse n th past ve fith mons. t >> wheayhe tat btery is in the vi de,ce it becesom ah hig wepodre rkeoct tthaan c cause gn sianificort fndce a iynjur to th tie paent.
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ouar lndhiitum ion batteries hwhicow per the desevic that can heover eat,iaspec illyfhe t on wr cgerhargs i used. e thngvapioc assoniatis saywhen gechard d an uused pnderr rope nd consitiopo, vaodr pr puctsose no more of ae firk risha tn he otrro psductt thase uit lumhi n io briattees like cell pheson an dptlaops. an pld ems oyee ctellmeustors n' dorrt cae y therbattinies pyourtsocke. s >>imomett es it mighuctothh e lo coseehang inr youoc porket y. ke ilit wlrt sta t goet hot. i om recmend a bryatteas cee lik is the hernd a then pyrettuc mh ot prd.ecte >> or rep ater:e dvicakto mree su op peanle ce vapouwithe t th fi rkrewos. jo e iafrr, nbc , newslos an s.gele >> vi> a pudeo terpormadly y de b isis supporters makes direct re th aatsstgainwo t slocia media ta ti ns,cefaokbo ceok mar ck zurgerbe and terwitt oce eydors and are apparentlyn i sp re tonseheo tecir rentor effts
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terrorism. there he avenbe teahr mtsead ag nsai dtseor by,ut 'sithe t first public threat made ainga zstkeucerrbg. the video, which has not been verified, was allegedly posted on aoc sl iadimesia pteulopar am g onisisup sitwshoot bceh rosediddlh wit etbulles hol. th ey're known to use shuc sesit as facebook andwi tttero t otpromero pndpaganda aru recit su tepporrs. >> c > nbormeteisologllt bi nskarihe is itre we h thstlate on t thareseveth weaoier o >>tr sstongein wdsin sce ichurranere ine in 2010. dethunrmrstoni warngst las ni ght. 'sthathe t firste timy' theve ever doneha tt in farebru y ngdurirn oveight st.orms veryste,rangy ver rmwa, uaunusl. ro stetng jea strtm a l theow ve leasls wll reaypo reslensib fo o r s wmuchind madage. of ur cose,e wav he thena tordoes ou t e.ther in l,alll we'ro pybablnd e up so ermewhloe cseo tay mhrbe tee or r foun dozeadtornwioes th th tois srm. as a fares ther seveae w ther reoutbyeak dasterlly, a b thelue wdotsere theam dgagind win
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gl en land astghnit. we s'retillli deangh wit 0,10000 pe wopleutitho power. pe hoy,full the artirpo wsill try to getac bk on track. therm sto isti sll ne.arby st la of those dinamagg dethunrmrsto ds in eown mastaine th is rnmoing. en evht ligningik strnes in dow meast taine thisimef o year, ex eltremy .rare th ieresd colo thi ts storm, too. ewe'r winatchnog snw i areasf o mi anchig t andghhrout wes vi iargin. at thom's sf e othe spots t hey pdid ick,upsp elleciahey tre in no rnrthe anindia, izbl-lzardike nd consitio. st mof othew snos i over thwi. te atmper curesnuonti teo be tabou 10o t 15eg dreesbo ave er avage. fo unatrtun tely,hatw snok pacs i me gltinth in e tamounins. th toeso lrmtea inrapaot nosaros mf coblorta te inidhe m f 70sor my s. hi ghs.
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non rain i tesi,ec espyiall for ut so hernlicaiaforn. in raely ninoso seasn i sintartg to k loo ppdisainointg. >> d goo forthem, aot l ofs kid injumpng i the pas'rent bed. >> ien th east, yeah, dogs under the bedsnd a all atth. >> >de lears cinirclheg twa .gons nd a pnglayi cutetl lite game of ekpeoo-a-b. 'l weavl he dlsetaihe aad on is th. wyou'reg atchinly t"ear."odayso can youx coaeaout gravt flor leeffortssly. shirhillrme faus. beca e it'srth wog doinright. ilat hrelshim, farre the 's aasreuron ow sloteroasrkd tuey e tastreso fsh ndsecoafs cater inrve g, wtnoly onea serl evsly wice,doe ublealse it. th sue ree lts arinsometh g tor.savo
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ceeun riteinivnsree irpa es dojun't stst moie urizdr ,y skin it ensi int rvely iepairst. wi nith a uipque tr le onactila formu th olat exfsiate eshydrat and fortifies skin. in leav loog it hking ealthyd anant.radi with intensive repair, from eucerin. mesee .mesee . n' doe t m see me. se .e me e seo me tknow th soat pisriass istju mesoinththg iatav he. i' t m noiocontagus. se o e me tknow i wthat son'ttop. un i til whafindrkt wos. di ovscoser ctyenx, dia enfferkit f nd odimecine r fotemoderaseve to re pplaqueissorias. tproven to helpmahe tyjoriop of pele ndfiar cle or st calmo slearkin. 8 ofout op 10 pe 7le sawsk5% lein c aarancentt 3 mohs. thwhile jorie maty % saw 90ncclearae. do se not uyou if arergallecoic to yx.sent rebefoin startou sg, yulho d tbeted esr foberctuisulos. an increedas risk ioftinfecons an red loweilitd ab fy tohtigth memay occur. te
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nfan ionectisy or ..mptoms. ...s asuch , feverts sweaills, ch, lemusces o achugr coh. f or iveyou have receia d invacclae or pn to. ou hif ycrave diohn's sease, tell your doctor as symptoms can worsen. riouseals rgicle actires ony e seme. se mee . osee meayn my w. nd fi s clearandkin cl a paearer orth frdwa. r foffa dienert ndkime of cidine, as dk yourtoloerma gistcoabout .sentyx >> es> prt idena obamusis p hing ck bare at icpublenan ss atorwho sa eyy th't wonsi conander y of s hiemsuprure comit no tneeso re e placlathe uste j aticeinnton al scia. on rse pe oonthn lie wst tas he pu reanblicer govofnor ad neva. also thete sta lach tlt f's irstnolati dg jue. >> s thi wis aoray foc dem rats t inhihe woute ho se tacextrt ma m ximu opainpun reanblic s on
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mi nonee. nd>> asi pre odent sbamathaid e mi nohenee oo's l fkingouor wld eneminy tallifqualwiied th im abpeccrele ciadentls. as autronott scllt kee y duto re bturntoack th eartu on y.esda he ad's mhue a olge fnglowier aft po g stinnistunhong poftos the h eart sfrom opacecin soal me dia. fiwollo him. he a has g sreatense of r,humo to o. ri dung an ivinteritew wh "nbc ni y ghtl"newsnc ahores l ter ,holt kellyre shadha wet hl wil miss m theost. >> a thetybilipr to ouess r tslimih witrdrega s to ex atploranion scd diy.over ini th'sk itn beeiva pre ilegof g beinrta path of ndat as it' me sog thin ithatoi'm go ng t .miss b >>e y th ktime rellynsetur, he hwilltrave leavelred mon tha 143 miion miles in space. nd a got to look a tthis cute ophot of aar pol beart thaee sms to bela p -ying-yo do owu kn whathe's indog? okindfks looik le he'syi plang uta ce gamef o pe-bek-at oo athe zo o.
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t inivhe cawil l bsuithtroug by or spts pore, rter aerinwsndre, c in.ourt sh oke lon ed oeain ts rs aher fa therke taloud abert h taraum rafte alk staerre sectlyil fmed he nar d ke aatot h.el sh eue sd the l,hoteim claing th leyt et ienhapp. nb moc's rrganrdadfo t hashe ildetas. >> or rep ater:otn eml ionaday fo rir endr wews,g ipinaway s teareras hhe fatscr des ribe asher he a sf ll opethe srsonhe ev prlyious. was >> 's sheri ter, fieds she' esdeprsed. e' sht s nogithe harl t ut wesed to w. kno ep>> rr:orteve stere andws, vea raten reporter, testifying on behalf of his daughter and her $75 million suit against the man convicted of stalkingnd a secretlymi filng he r naked in her nilashvotle hel om ro20 in 08. >> he s ktep screaming, i'm on e ther intnet. i' nm o the tein.rnet i' ev yternghi'v i wekeorr d fois do .ne >> or rep mter:elichare bartt
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hole in her hotel .room hthene used a cphell one and corerded her d.nake i >>em remberhi tgnkin to lfmyseow, hoe ds this enhapp? r >>teeporr: dranews'tt ayorne ll ca aed htaospilityxp eert to the anst d. >> that's a cardinal sin in the ithospyalitdu in,stry toiv ge bosome rdy's noomrumbewa a oyr le het tnom khew ty'reyi stang th ere. h>>dee ivce, ednncoediv, kestald. th wat'smrhat rr. badiett d. ep>> rr:orte a mr.wsndre be eslieveo someene no ds tpay whfor apat hd peneisto h ug dahter. f >> torhe fstir teim iny m feli a,ser h -- y.sorr aser h frathe where d it idn' iknowhef s wase safr onot. i feedar h forifer le. >> ga morn orradfd, nbc wsne. > >>e tim nowo tet g down to bu sssineh wit 'scnbc lana wddoy. ,lanad gooinmorng. >> d gooinmorng. th a e faonis crisidellng ag owin al smonl dro es tovfly heer t ge l neraicpubl.
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ot rheom crcmelia igflhts. onamazai s tdwohey uldrt sta fl ying ds.rone upand ss isngettito up k wor th wiai ret tlersfeo ofmer sa-day de rylive. ic wh whorks with cyma's, 'skohl and other st.ores > >> whmeanile,ji beingth is e w neil bailionapre cital oef th d,worl susirpasewng n .york no omw heth to ose mt ll biirionaesh wit132 new me smber oft thais ltt las .year th e s study hhowshiow cnate eli co uentin to aeccrult weah de espit a shakyck stoar mket and ov o er t you. >> ,lana t yhankouy verchmu. just eaahold, clege ba basket tll'sop tierpl toped ye t
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a c e lu histoom cack?eb choo tse onehe w nevlonrelt uate-iml-al-onein. r reouluvoy tionararamasc vedeliasrs 5 ltranh-orsfng mibefitsne. luvo, lemethngdefi, tini,on , liftteand incolonse r. oochese lov ne vlw relton uatiml-e-al-oinmane arsca. sh kopl'oh..s. th tisrshuy da thugromoh aynd..!. beuscas2e yeyou waremerds s mber take eanraxt0% 2ff o..!. an ead trnplripoe tsin! usplet - gl' kohshs ca! too ea ndrn aee redwam rerds inpondts al' kohshs ca ugthro thouttohe sre! roenodll t aay -e nyon-can 'situi q ack inds t'syea!
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in pam fro dyouranay cnt hau youigat ndoht, len't .t it adl vi gpmesivou yhe tea hnglisl p eeu yoedne, he g lpinfayou slll a eepstand slay aeep so r you cbodyan ahealu s
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>> is> thni morn ng oay"tod," oo br 9klynd 9 anspold acice tor, yterrws cre rlsevea heen wt to ha reorb fn por adiodictn. yterrre cwspe ssak out later today on "today." it was a night of upsets in egcolle basketball. number one villanueva visiting xavier in cincinnati. eyth maganed toom datine the wi cald wtsho g ioto ntulfo trouble early and often, xavier
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un edrankco wisnsin tgakinn o io wa. wk haeyesme seed toin domate most of g theameil unthe tal fine fiv mi tenus. ba erdgtus edrnt in oat le and ldhe on to hand eighth-ranked io hewa touir f lrthoss. > >> wnextvee haen leg dary onwaltli feeocng rouky mn ntai ahigh lnd aseast cond erdespn atioe thretepoinr r fo ar aizonht rig athe t zzbuer. no odgo. buffalo fans stormed the court as coloro adseup ntsbeum nrein ar oniz a-7752. i en th a,nbol gdenta ste hibe,ndte sph cryur nails the go ahead three pointer with 38 seconds to play. warriors held fon tor 1heir4th wi 1n inme5 gas. nafilly, pesrogr nsingy.icel 'sthater tigds woo's wholl sti co rengverim fro sbackryurge
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de vi to onerwittwi shoimng h oo sh ating 9 iron in a golf mu sir.lato no d wor onn wheilhe wtul rern to t theour. > >>insingpeg suarr stle ade is cr d ownen queeheof tti brish c musie scenitbut ha's we t sh id sat thaevhas neeryoal tngki. pl us, ellenen degaseres h au cedienngs seeie. doubl re mon ce than rtai familyer membs? yisccour sudue ess fto a ilingst synly em ounyou nddersta? es dori pfrnting r om youet tabl y toreour wiriless pnter ve ygi aouolt j coffideone?nc if ou so, y be e whmeonowo kn ts thaththe rig of gficeear s help gyou do thireatngs. an e'd therpls one thatace hasll it a.
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ch iseck th, br out o.'swhat b that,im?rohe chi switgeed to icogoand .t more mo inre savcags on inr ncsurae? ye roah br,-fessoor and me. ke lirs rentean insurce. mo s re sav , brnicetoo-ta chip. at th a's not brll,ino-te. shake o hageictos mo rcyclervand uran instoce, o. , oh's athat m lotore. yoh ieah, a'mboll amout tere, osddy brevelt. ic geeco. expeat t grngsavis d a ane wholrelot mo. trafter broyingdeoksich cruntey clus rs,@c bearlytwyar d:eete tatpohis int, oui shusld jbet b aokrodesi occhatolbae amorssad . llweam, i ry sorrl, cay... it s 'thsomeyoing rnu ea .br idooks e.ta bolk aelut dusicio . at whe if one ofpiec kale could protect you from diabetes? wh f at it-one sildup cou pr t evendiheart sease? e. on wi l shfungthinkit?, righ t buisthere ste onep ca you n take h toprevelp anent otherou seriseass die.
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y ifre 5ou a o0 orlder, on see doe of thpr r 13evnaac vcine he can rotelp pouct y from pn coeumo pccalonianeum, an i ssllneca that en caus ug cochhing, painest , ic diffreulty bngathi, an y evd mauten p you hin thetal.ospi i evenhaf you lreave a dy acbeen vcinated a with pnotheronianeumci vacne, ev pr nar 13el may h p idprovtie addiroonal pion.tect pr r 13evnas iused in lt adunds 50 a olderto h prelp inevent iofectns om 1frst3 ins raheof tri bacte a cthatause mopneualcoccne poniaum. you should not receive prnaev13 r if you have had sea vere lerg aleaic rction to he tci vacne or its ingredients. yif havoua e akenwe ed immune system, you may have aower les rnsepo he to tci vacne. co smmonefide s fect pwereain, dn re sess orgwellin at i theonnjecti site, li d armitevem moment, gufatidae, heausche, m cle j oraioint pn, ppless a cetite,s, ohillshr ra. t thgeneis o done. k asocyour dortor rm phaacist about prevnar 13 today. no r w fomesont etaermein nt wsne.
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brit awards nabbing four statues last night. oevenrene pedsentm froe.spac rebefolo aponggizi h forgler uy cr cey fae , thersingk tooa ntmomepu to lyblicpo suprt sh kea. wit aaso lse thrsfitit kmehaes dema s atetantmebo a hut leraleg ttba.le sh the keanevd eryone for their support. >> d > anrethe rpd cas et iy read fo thr unis ss day'rsosca. d anelwho s se iy?read ma viybe rece pntside b joe iden iwhos redumorbe to are persent athe tw. sho t >>hihe woute hasse wov groing st laht nigre theit wh a tteribu to thee latre gat ray lechars. ob sama'os htedhe tirt las performance at the whitese hou hwhicon hors musicha ttpe shad am icera. >> > and ellen deregeneser hself
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>> i'm leeln. >> i'm leeln. >> i'm n.elle >>no, i'm n.elle g iot this. st ep as ide. ou>> y'reoi gong t do the lomonogue? >> t' tharis ght. ca beuse i'm ellen. hi , yoeverne. hay dnwey.esda >>he san c doll eenen degeres d anla hilry toclinn. i' mra f ncesrarive andhi ts is "e tarly."oday(b alaseb tl oninv kg bacd)rounwi eath hairt f, lureerdang isysalwath on see ri. mssympton worseuse becauryohear t isn't pumping well. at (wlier film)ng roo t abouerce50 pofnt e peopl(ddie himpog wg)erinwi 5thinrs yeage of g dittinseagnod. therbut soe's gmethinca you .n do ta o lk tocyour doutor abartt heil faeaure troptment s.tion ca bee usthe more you know, the moreikel lu y yo are... w(dogerinhimpg) ee to kump it se ychoor outchma
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lyexperted-matchndat fouanion cod rnceale livedea r awlefl, ssmpcotelelo haok tlat sts. ch lovoosee ne rew on cvlorolay st-i 21 n-mpcoact. le g adinnethe itws, he's t rmostaread e ticlthin "e
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ju e sticiascalnt spe l hisast ur hoits whte elioc s oietyf nt huers. theer ordf othe st. ishubr sdatek bacth to e 1600s. aie revw of theirub plicec rords sh owse som of their mrsembe were th witi jusce alsciare whe he sp hentasis lt days. it's still eaunclhar wt ciassonatio iascal hadh withe t gr oup. >> > and on ewnbcnm, er emygencm rooit viss deoublor f jumariusana-coing dolora si vi.tors e thmbnu oervif tssi from touris mtse oranthou desblth, e rs fitr yeat iwas lizegalned i e that stome, cd pare01to 24. th ayey ss it'ue d todi e ablesnd ey th c'reonauti pingeeoplo t ve ha f aull ustnderngandith of e ri besks tforetrhey .y it >> d > anlain a, medafocali rnia fiof wcekeor hrs tadbeo qu anarnetiyed erstydaft a aer n plemeeoyec beamau nouse asnd
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